Sep 18, 2015Guide: Team up! Get extra EXP every day from the Build Luxis event

Welcome, Chosen One!

Have you noticed colorful bricks on your companions' heads?
Have you ever wondered how and where they got them?
Have you ever wanted to level up faster?

Looking into the crystal ball, I foresee your answers to be, "yes, OF COURSE!"

In this glorious guide we'll show you how to do just that by gaining thousands of extra EXP while playing the Build Luxis event.

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Time: 12:00-23:59 CFD TIME
Mode: Solo/Team
Unlock level: Lvl.35
Description: The cornerstones of the Midgard's old capital city have appeared in the Burning Moor. Please gather Stone of Ruins to Build Luxis for resisting the Dark .

Accepting the quest

1) To accept the quest, tap the Hub button on the bottom right of the screen while not in a dungeon then tap the Adventures button.

2) Tap the Build Luxis button and tap Accept Quest to start playing.

3) Tap the Check Stone of Ruins button at the right hand to check the location.

How to gather and improve the Stone of Ruins

There are two gather areas in Burning Moor. Choose one of them and start your journey.

1) Tap on Gathering Areas to go to these areas automatically, or explore on your own by tapping the top right of the HUD while in town and selecting Burning Moor.

2) Once you have acquired the Stone of Ruins, travel to the Flame Sword Laevatein in the center of Burning Moor to improve their quality.

3) Tap the Sword and to improve the Stone of Ruins.

4) You can improve them to blue, or even purple for more EXP. Purple is the highest grade.

How to submit the Stone of Ruins

1) Return to the City of Luxis and tap the side task in the left to hand your Stone of Ruins to the Faction Clerk.


To get more EXP, we suggest you to team up with others in your guild and a guild mate who is at least 10 levels lower than you.

How much extra EXP can I get?

Generally, higher user levels lead to higher EXP rewards. You'll get extra rewards by:
Faction Inspiration: Factions with low total fighting capacities receive an EXP increase of 10%
Guild Bonus: With a guild mate on your team your EXP reward increases by 15%
Safe Transport: If you were not killed while transporting Stones of Ruins your EXP increases by 10%
Grateful: If there is a guild mate 10 levels or more lower than you on the team your EXP reward increases by 10%