Feb 02, 2016Dragon System

How to get Dragons

Players can obtain dragon fragments in Act 5, 6 and 7 of the Solo Elite Dungeon when their character reaches Lv.45. 

They can also win dragon fragments by joining the Holiday events available from time to time.

Gather dragon fragments of different colors and types to craft your own dragons. Yet you can only send in one dragon of the same type and quality each time.

Types of Dragons

There are three qualities of dragons, ranging from green, blue to purple. 

The higher their qualities, the greater their maximum training Domain point.

Every dragon quality will then be pided into 5 different types based on their attributes: strength, intelligence, spirit, physique and endurance.

Dragons of Strength will help upgrade the physical damage of players. They are perfect for warriors and archers.

Dragons of Intelligence will help upgrade the magical damage of players. They are perfect for mages and priests.

Dragons of Endurance will help upgrade the physical armor of players. They are great help for characters of all classes.

Dragons of Physique will provide the greatest HP bonus. They are great help for characters of all classes.

Dragons of Spirit will provide the greatest magical armor and max magical mana of players. They are great help for characters of all classes.

Dragons and Characters

By assigning dragons as “Fight” and “Guard”, your character will receive attribute bonus.

Dragons chosen as “Fight” will provide 100% attribute bonus for your character.

Dragons chosen as “Guard” will provide 20% attribute bonus for your character. 

At Lvl.60, the first “guard” position will be open and player can own one guardian dragon. At Lvl.70, the second “guard” position will be open and player can own two guardian dragons.

Decompose Dragons

Players can select the 【Decompose】 button to dismiss dragons and receive returns of part of the Dragvein pts and dragon stones, all draconic runes and dragon scrolls.

Upgrade Dragons

Players can upgrade dragons to increase dragon attributes. 

There are two ways to upgrade dragons.

The first is to join team dungeons (including Team dungeon, Evil Dragon Trial, Guard Ines, and Ruins of Wyrm - Team). But only the dragons chosen to “guard” and “fight” will receive XP.

Another way is to trade Dragon Scrolls at the Draconic Mage’s in Luxis City.

Tap “Upgrade” on “My Dragon” page.

Open the Dragon Upgrade page, add Dragon Scrolls for dragons and tap 【Upgrade】.

Dragon Field

Field training will increase the dragon’s Domain point. The dragon field is closely related to the qualities of dragon. Dragons can be ranked as purple quality, blue quality and green quality. The higher the dragon quality, the greater the max dragon Domain point.

Field Training requires Dragon stones. Players can choose Common Train or Fast Train while training.

Tap the 【Training】 button to start training using dragon stones. You can also view the changes of each training. Tap the 【Keep】 button if you are satisfied with the results or tap the 【Abandon】 button if you are not.

Dragon Stones can be purchased in store.

Dragvein Evolve

You can win Dragvein by decomposing dragon fragments or purchasing it in store.

On the Dragon Evolvement page, when your current Dragvein is larger than the Dragvein consumed, tap the 【Evolve】 button to start Dragvein evolvement. 

The attributes of the dragon will be upgraded in proportion based on the current Domain pts.

Draconic Rune

Draconic Runes can be obtained in Ruins of Wyrm or purchased in store.

Tap the Draconic Rune button to open the “Draconic Rune” page.

Tap the Draconic Rune slots without any embedded runes and select the Draconic Runes you wish to embed on the right.

Reminder: You will not be able to embed the same type rune again if it is already embedded.

Select the embedded Draconic Runes on the left and use the runes on the right to enhance the embedded Draconic Runes. The Draconic Runes will be upgraded.

After selecting the embedded runes, you could also unlearn them by tapping 【Unlearn】 button.