Oct 13, 2015Guild vs Guild Tournaments


Event Time

*   Guild Battle Qualifiers: Sunday 00:00 – Friday 19:59
*   Guild Battle Preparation: Friday 20:00 – Saturday 19:55
*   Guild Battle event time: Saturday 19:55 – 21:40
*   Reward distribution time limit: Saturday 21:40 – Friday 19:59

Guild Battle Rules

*   Guild Battle is held every week when the Top 8 guilds (ranked with guild XP) are qualified.
*   Guild Battle is held on Saturdays 19:55 – 21:40. Each match lasts 20 minutes. The 8 competing guilds will compete in an elimination format, and the Champion will be generated after the Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and the best of 3 series of the Finals.
*   Each guild will form 3 teams, Team I, Team II, and Team III. Each team could have a maximum of 15 members. The corresponding teams from the competing guilds will be sent to 3 different arenas to compete.
*   When Guild Battle starts, every online member in the Guild Battle teams will be ported to the arenas. The team with the higher score will win. The guild with the higher combined score from the 3 teams will advance to the next round.
*   Players could earn scores by gathering resources and killing enemy team players.
*   There are 2 types of resources. Normal resource nodes yield 2 points each time a player gathers it, while Rich resource nodes yield 3 points. Killing enemy players yield 1 point.
*   Every player participated in the Guild Battle will be rewarded.

Qualification and Rules

Guild Qualification

*   Guilds will be qualified according to their weekly guild EXP between Sunday 00:00 – Friday 19:59.
*   The Top 8 guilds in the Weekly Guild EXP Ranking will automatically enter the Guild Battle event on Saturday.

Note that:

*   If a server does not have 8 guilds on the Weekly Guild EXP Ranking, Guild Battle of that server will not be held.
*   Guilds with the same XP are settled with guild level. The guild with the higher level will rank higher.
*   Members joining after the finalization of the weekly guild EXP ranking could not earn rewards from the Guild Battle of that week.
*   If the final total score is a draw, the guild with the higher rank will win.

Guild Battle Participants Qualification

*   The system will automatically select up to 45 members with the highest scores in the qualified guilds to join the Guild Battle teams, and will automatically assign the 45 selected members into 3 teams.
*   Guild Masters could adjust the team rosters before the Guild Battle by the following steps:
   *   Step 1: tap Social–Guild–Guild Battle
   *   Step 2:Select the Team tabs on the right.
   *   Step 3:Select the target Team and member you want to swap at the top, and replace with members of other Teams or other members at the bottom.

Note that:

*   If there are multiple members ranking at the 45th place, the member with the highest level (or the member with higher guild contribution if at the same level) will be selected
*   If there are less than 45 members in the guild, the team spots will remain empty, which will not affect the event rules.

Guild Battle Matching

*   The Top 8 guilds in the Weekly Guild EXP Ranking will be matched according to the chart above.
*   Details of Forfeiture:
   *   Empty seeds might appear upon the following conditions:
      *   Guilds that disbanded after the qualification of the weekly Top 8 guilds.
      *   Guilds that no longer exists due to server mergers.
   *   Forfeiture Arrangements:
      *   If a seed is empty when the Guild Battle begins, the opposing guild will win automatically. If there are 2 empty seeds in a match, the seed will be empty in the winner's place of the next round.

Detailed Rules of the Guild Battle

Guild Battle event schedule

*   Guild Battle is held on Saturdays 19:55–21:40, divided into 3 parts:
   *   19:55-20:20 First round Quarter-Finals
   *   20:35-21:00 Second round Semi-Finals
   *   21:15-21:40 Third round Finals
   *   The 3 Teams of each participating guild will start competing simultaneously. Team I will enter Arena A, Team II will enter Arena B, and Team III will enter Arena C. Each battle starts and ends at the same time. The total score from the 3 Arenas will decide the advancement of the guilds.

Entering the Arena

*   Every member in the Guild Battle Team roster will receive a Guild Battle notification within 5 minutes of the starting of a round. Players in Luxis City or Dawnshire could tap the confirm button and be ported to the starting point of the corresponding Arena.
*   Players in a dungeon or in the wild during the Guild Battle notification could only tap the confirm button after going back to Luxis City or Dawnshire.

How to Score in the Guild Battle

There are 2 ways to increase your score in the Guild Battle:

*   Gathering resources:
   *   Players could score by successfully gathering resources from the fixed resource nodes
   *   A gathering progress bar will appear at the top of the screen when a player gets close enough to a resource node. The player could leave the area once the gathering starts, and could still successfully collect the resources as long as he/she goes back to the node area before the progress bar fills up.
   *   There are no cool downs for gathering resources. Players could gather resources continually by staying close to the resource nodes.
   *   Scoring rules: Normal resource nodes yield 2 points each time a player gathers it, while Rich resource nodes yield 3 points.
*   Killing enemy players: Players earn 1 point by each enemy player they killed.

Guild Battle Rules

*   Participants have to wait for the battle start time to begin the battle even if they enter the Arenas in advance.
*   Each battle lasts for 20 minutes.
*   The 6 competing teams in each matchup starts and ends at the same time.
*   Guilds with the highest combined scores from the 3 Arenas will win.
*   If the final score is a draw, the guild with the higher rank will win.
*   Special rules
   *   Player death and resurrection: Players could revive as many times as they want, with the options to revive at the starting point or on the spot.
   *   Re-connection: Players who actively/ passively disconnected from the Arenas could return within the battle time.

Guild Battle Rewards

Single match rewards

*   For every participants

XP is rewarded after each round, detailed in the results tab upon the end of the round. The rewards will be put in the player's backpacks immediately. Winners and losers get different rewards.

*   For top three killers

Killer Ranking Rewards
1 Totem Stone x10,
Enlarging Giant Fruit x1
2 Totem Stone x7,
Enlarging Giant Fruit x1
3 Totem Stone x5,
Enlarging Giant Fruit x1

Guild-wide rewards

*   Participating guild members will earn lucrative EXP and rewards. Among the Champion (1 guild), 2nd Place (1 guild), Semi-Finalists (4 guilds), and Quarter-Finalists (4 guilds), the further a guild advances, the better the rewards its members will receive.
*   The rewards will be distributed by the Guild Master between the end of the Guild Battle and 19:59 at the next Friday.
*   If the Guild Master did not complete the rewards distribution within the time frame, the system will distribute the remaining rewards evenly to 8 of the members with the highest score who participated in the Guild Battle in the previous week.

Ranking Rewards
1 Lvl.70 Guild Weapon Scroll Fragment x 60
2 Lvl.70 Guild Weapon Scroll Fragment x 40
3-4 Lvl.70 Guild Weapon Scroll Fragment x 20
5-8 Lvl.70 Guild Weapon Scroll Fragment x 10

Note that:
Each member could receive 10 in total Lvl.70 Guild Weapon Scroll Fragment.

Level 70 Guild Weapon Scroll Fragment is used for exchanging epic Level.70 Guild Weapon.

Level.70 Guild Weapon previews: