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We encourage you to review the following FAQ first. And we also suggest you get in our game community where players help each other and exchange their game experience. If you can't find a satisfied answer to your question, please email us through the support links below and one of our team will assist you.

For a rapid problem solving, we suggest you send the information including character name, character ID, problem description and the screenshot to us.

Our Email: service@clashfordawn.com


  • How to contact CFD support team through Email?

    For contacting the support team, please send letters to the official email: service@clashfordawn.com.
    Writing an email in the following format can make the problem sovling more rapidly.
    Email Title: Server ID- Language- Character ID- VIP Level- Issue Category
    Hi, CFD Support
    Issue Detail Description:
    When did it happen?
    Device Type:
    Issue category:
    2)Item vanished
    3)Complete/Accept quest error
    4)Game running error
    6)Feedback and Suggestion

  • Minimum system requirements

    Clash for Dawn requires iOS 6.0 or later on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

  • Optimal settings

    Two important issues on iOS devices are system resources, and quality of connection. To ensure the game has plenty of memory and CPU time, shut down other apps:
    For devices running on iOS 7 or higher:
    Double tap on the home button to see the apps running in the background, then swipe the upwards with your finger to clear it from memory. You can repeat this action for all other apps you would like to close. For devices running on previous iOS versions.
    Double tap on the home button to see the apps running in the background, then touch one of them and hold your finger down until you see a red minus sign, touch the sign to terminate the app. You can terminate most apps on this screen to free up memory. Tap on the home button to return then try to launch the game now. Most users report this works for them. if it does not work for you right away, turn off your device completely then turn it back on and try again.
    For best results you'll want to always use a reliable WiFi connection rather than 3G or 4G. 3G/4G can vary quite a bit depending on traffic in your area and may not be reliable at times.
    Even if you have good signal strength showing for your WiFi connection, your bandwidth may be limited if the network is congested (For example, if there are many other users sharing the network and/or others are doing bandwidth-intensive activities such as streaming video.)
    There are free bandwidth test apps available wherever you normally download apps, that you may want to check out, or you can conduct such tests through your device's web browser.

  • Clash for Dawn (CFD) time

    CFD time is the acronym of Clash for Dawn time. The world of Clash for Dawn is based on a virtual continent – Midgard. CFD time is the standard time on the continent. All activities in the game follow CFD time.

  • Long play sessions

    Long-time playing may cause overheat to your device and affect the device performance. We suggest you lower the image quality if you want to play the game for a long time (by setting different options in Game Experience). You can find it in System at the bottom right corner of Hub.

  • Availability

    Clash for Dawn is available Worldwide now!Follow our Facebook fan page to be the first to get Clash for Dawn in your region: www.facebook.com/clashfordawn.
    If you cannot download Clash for Dawn, please make sure that your device has more than 200MB of free space.

  • Character ID

    The Character ID is used to identify a character in a player's account and cannot be changed once set. Note this is different than the player name which can be changed. The Character ID is used to finding and adding players as friends.
    To view your Character ID, tap the character icon on the top left corner to launch the Character Status panel. Swipe left twice to find the ID.

  • Server ID

    To view your Server ID:
    1. Tap the Hub on the right corner of the screen to see the System icon.
    2. Tap the System icon to find the Server panel.
    3. Check the latest login server of your character in the Server panel.

  • Previewing Character Classes

    To preview a character class:
    1 Tap the character icon on the top left corner when in town to launch the Character Status panel.
    2 Tap the question mark next to character name.
    3 Swipe to view the Classes Preview.

  • Changing Character Classes

    To change a to a different character class:
    1 Tap the Hub on the bottom-right corner of the screen when in town
    2 Open the Skill Menu
    3 Tap the class which you want to switch to
    Note that changing a character class will cost coins.

  • Adding friends

    To add a new friend:
    1. Go to the Social menu in the Hub panel.
    2. Tap Search and enter Character ID of the desired player to add as a friend, select Nearby to search for players around you, or Recent to find players you recently chatted with.
    3. Tap the players and invite them to be friends.

  • Sending messages to friends

    To send messages to friends, Go to the Friends menu by tapping the Social button in the Hub. Select the friend and enter the message into the resulting dialog box.

  • The Hub

    The Hub is the collection of most functions and activities in the game. It includes the Daily Quest, Social, Skill, Blacksmith, Mercenaries, Adventures, and Rank. You can find it at the bottom right corner of the screen when in town.

  • Acquiring free energy

    You regain 1 energy point every 5 minutes. You can also request energy from your friends who are able to give you 5 energy points daily.  90 energy points are awarded when you visit the Quartermaster during CFD time 11:00-15:00 and 17:00-21:00.

  • The Daily Activity Pack

    This pack is a reward containing gems and coins from the daily quest. Be sure to collect it daily because it will be removed every day by the end of the day (CFD time).

  • Team up with other players

    Option 1: Go to the Social menu in the Hub panel and tap your friends to send invitations to join your team or join their team.
    Option 2: Find the dungeon you want to enter in the Dungeon panel located in the right side of the HUD. Search for a team or create one.
    Option 3: Tap players around you in the city and invite them to team up.
    Option 4: Tap on the "Tap to join" link in the chat room's Summon channel to join the team.

  • Managing your inventory

    All items will be stored in the inventory which is located above The Hub button in the bottom right of the HUD. If your inventory is full, it will be kept in the mailbox. To unlock more slots in the inventory you need to acquire the Light Feather Bag through playing quests.

  • Unlocking Mercenaries

    When you finish the Main Mission at Level 16, you are able to unlock the Mercenary System. Mercenaries fight with you in the dungeons and arenas.

  • Joining Arenas

    To join an Arena, tap the Hub when you reach Lvl.21. Find the new Arena menu in the Adventures menu. Tap the icon of the rival to start a battle for ranking. The Arena system will auto-select four rivals for you. In the battle, your mercenaries will fight with you. You can challenge 10 times every day for free. As a cool bonus, you will gain a Ten-battle Pack after finishing the tenth battle.

  • Merit

    Merit is won in the Arena and can be exchanged for valuable items. Merit is awarded every 20 minutes in play. The Merit increases based on your level at every 20 minute interval. The higher your level, the more Merit you receive!

  • How to get prestige

    Each Purple Medal of Prestige can be exchanged for 100 Prestige.
    Help players who are 10+ levels below you in clearing any team dungeon to get the Purple Medal of Prestige. Also you can purchase it from the store.
    Each player can at most earn 15 Prestige medals and exchange 10 Prestige medals every day.

  • Participating in hourly Demon Raids

    Your character must be at Lvl.25 or higher and have joined a Faction.
    A Demon Raid starts at the beginning of every hour (CFD time) and lasts 30 minutes. Bosses are available for battle based on your character's current level. Be sure to team up with Faction members at a required level; boss availability is based on all the players' level in your team.
    Be sure to start battling a boss within 30 minutes of availability or be locked out of the raid. Don't worry if you miss it, another one will be available in the next hour.

  • Finding new adventures

    Navigate to the Adventure menu in the Hub to access a wide array of activities in the game including Faction Quest, Arena, Demon Raid, Build Luxis, Guild Torch, Brave Trial, and Guard Ines. Join in different adventures for EXP and Coins.

  • Joining the Team Dungeon

    Reach Lvl.23 to access the Team Dungeon mode. It requires 2 to 4 team members. Loot is awarded three times a day in this mode.

  • Joining the Evil Dragon

    Reach Lvl.30 to access the Evil Dragon mode. It requires 3 to 4 team members. Loot is awarded two times a day in this mode.

  • Enhancing equipment

    You can enhance equipment using Enhancing Scrolls and Coins in Blacksmith. Enhancing is unlocked at Lvl.6 and can be accessed in the Hub.

  • Evolving equipment

    Equipment is evolved using Ambers and Coins in Blacksmith; accessed in the Hub. With each evolution, the equipment's attributes will be increased creating powerful gear to take down stronger enemies. Evolving is unlocked at Lvl.75 and will never fail.

  • Embedding Skill Stones

    A Skill Stone enhances equipment and is unlocked at Lvl.28. To embed a skill stone, follow these steps: 1. Tap Blacksmith in the Hub 2. Select + to embed Skill Stone 3. Choose the Skill Stone you want to embed 4. Tap Embed

  • Increasing a character's score

    The character's score is a standard grade to judge the power of a character. The higher score usually means the more powerful character. You can level up skills, embed Skill Stones, and improve your mercenaries and equipment to obtain higher score.

  • Fief taxes

    The Fief Tax is a daily coin reward given when you are part of a faction. It is unlocked after joining a faction. To collect, tap the Treasures button at the top right corner of the HUD when in town, then find Fief Tax in the Collect menu.

  • Troubleshooting for purchase missing issue on Android

    If your in-app purchase isn't in your account, try closing and restarting the app or game you're using. Here's how:
    1.Open your device's main Settings menu.
    2.Under "Device", select Apps or Manage applications (depending your device, this may be different).
    3.Select the app you used to make your in-app purchase.
    4.Touch Force stop.
    5.Open your device's All apps menu.
    6.Select the app you used to make your in-app purchase.
    7.Check if your item has been delivered.
    After restarting an app, if your purchase is missing and you still want the item, please send email to our support email address: service@clashfordawn.com. Once we received your email, we'll try to confirm the purchase and send you your gems as soon as possible. Please note due to a large volume of tickets sent to our customer support team, it may take a few days before you hear back from us. 

  • My order is cancelled

    Please contact the Google Payments buyer support team so they can assist you to find out why your orders are being cancelled due to high-risk reason. 
    The buyer support team will be reach at this URL: https://support.google.com/payments/.

  • I didn't get my gems on Android.

    Dear Chosen One,
    Google Play will send you a confirmation email of the purchase you've recently made. This email will contain your Order ID to track your recent transaction. 
    Important Note: If you did not receive your confirmation receipt, please contact Google Play Support.
      We've provided steps below on how to acquire this essential detail: 
    1. Check your Gmail inbox (associated with your Google Play account) and there is an email sent by Google Play. 
    2. Open the mail and you'll be able to view your confirmation receipt of your recent purchase. 
    If you have not received this transaction, please provide your Order ID to GM to assist you with your purchase issue. 
    Thank you. 

  • Tips for Billing Process

    Infrequently an in-app purchase can take up to 24 hours to complete. If you still haven't received the purchase within 24 hours, please send an email containing character ID, purchase time, amount of gems, transaction code, and a record of the purchase from the iTunes store to our official service email: service@clashfordawn.com

  • Transaction code

    The Transaction code is a code that identifies your in-app purchase. Use the following steps to find a Transaction code:
    1. Tap on the Gem count in the top-left of the HUD in the town to enter the store
    2. Tap the Buy Record button
    3. View all purchases here with accompanying Transaction codes

  • Can't purchase gems after the latest update of IOS

    If you install the latest update of IOS, due to the new Terms and Conditions of Apple, you may meet problems of purchasing gems or other resources in the in-game shop. Accepting Apple's new Terms and Conditions is necessary if you want to continue downloading apps from the iTunes App Store or make in-game purchases.
    Follow the steps as below to accept the new Terms and Conditions:
    1 Open the App Store
    2 Scroll down to your username and tap on it
    3 Enter your password and confirm the App Store's new terms and conditions

  • Transaction Processing

    In most cases, transactions of the in-app purchase could succeed immediately. But sometimes it would take several hours which will show as "processing". But you do not need to buy them again, they should arrive soon! Also please make sure your device has a good and stable internet connection. Try exiting the game and logging in again, this may speed the process along.

  • Gems not credited after purchase

    If the gems from an in-app purchase do not appear in your account after the transaction completed successfully, please email customer support at service@clashfordawn.com with the following information:
    1 Character name
    2 Character ID
    3 Server location
    4 The purchase date
    5 The amount of Gems purchased
    6 A screenshot of in-game Transaction code
    7 A screenshot of the purchase record from iTunes store

  • Adding more characters

    To add more characters, please login to a Facebook or Ledo account.

  • Deleting Characters

    Currently, the existed character can not be deleted in Clash for Dawn.
    For experiencing more character and class, you can create a new one by login to a Ledo or Facebook account.

  • Ways to login

    There are three ways to login: Login via Ledo account, login via Facebook account, or login as a guest. When you first enter the game you will be treated as a guest and can start playing immediately.

  • Transfer guest account game progress to FB Account

    Tap the Hub – Settings – Login – Choose NO – Login – Tap Face Book – Enter your Face Book account – Enter Pass Word

  • Ledo Account Creation

    Create a Ledo account by doing the following:
    1. Tap the Hub to find Settings, choose Login
    2. Choose No in the pop-up box
    3. Tap Ledo account, then choose Create Account
    4. Input an email address as your username
    5. Input your password
    6. Tap Sign Up and have fun!