• Closure Announcement of Clash for Dawn North AmericaAugust 21, 2023(UTC+0)

    Dear North American users,

    Thank you for your continued support and love for Clash for Dawn North America. We are proud to have been able to create and share unforgettable experiences with you. However, we regret to inform you that Clash for Dawn North America will soon cease operation due to various reasons.

    The specific arrangements are as follows:

    Clash for Dawn North America download will be terminated from August 22, 2023 02:00 UTC+0;

    Clash for Dawn North America in-app purchase will be terminated from September 21, 2023 02:00 UTC+0

    Clash for Dawn North America server is shut down from October 21, 2023 2:00 (UTC+0)

    Please note:

    Once the North American server is shut down, North American users will no longer be able to log in or use Clash for Dawn's North American.

    North American users can still use your diamonds until North America server is shut down.

    After service termination, all server-data including all your personal information will be deleted .

    [ Refund Arrangement]

    Users eligible for a refund

    North American users with unused “paid diamonds” when the North American server is shut down,02:00 October 21, 2023 (UTC+0).

    Refund application acceptance period

    October 21, 2023 16:00 UTC+0 to November 5, 2023 16:00 UTC+0

    How to apply for a refund

    If you have a refund request, please send the following required information to service@clashfordawn.com

    1.Your email address

    2.User identity (please fill in: ID, which can be obtained by clicking on the "avatar" on the game's home screen)

    3.The number of unused Paid Diamonds (based on the amount remaining when the North American server is shut down)

    4.Screenshots of orders purchased for paid diamonds on the App Store/Google Play: Provide screenshots of the last three orders, or all orders purchased for paid diamonds if there are fewer than three.

    Please save the necessary information such as the number of unused "paid diamonds" in advance since you will not be able to access to the Clash for Dawn North American after shutting down its server.

    Refund method

    1. After verifying and Verify and confirming your refund request, we will send you the corresponding e-gift card information in the form of 60 unused Paid Diamonds redeemable for $1 App Store/Google Play e-Gift cards (depending on the platform on which you paid for Diamonds) by email. If you pay in another currency, we will exchange the App Store/Google Play e-Gift Card for the corresponding currency according to the exchange rate of your platform on the day of shutting down the North American server.

    2.If there is no special reason, we will process your refund application before 16:00 November 30, 2023 (UTC+0).

    If you have any questions or concerns about refunds, please contact us: service@clashfordawn.com


    1.After the North American server is shut down, you will not be able to access Clash for Dawn North America. Please save screenshots of the necessary information, such as the number of unused "Paid Diamonds" in advance. (Note: Diamonds that are not directly obtained directly through top-up are not "paid diamonds", including but not limited to gifting diamonds, for example, when you participate in the first top-up to get double diamonds, half of them are given by us.)

    2.The personal information you submit will be used only for your refund. After refund, we will properly destroy according to the law.

    3.By sending this email, you have understood and agreed to the purpose and content of this refund notice, and your consent is irrevocable.

    The official Clash for Dawn mobile team

  • New Expansion Heroes' Day is coming!May 11, 2017

    Warriors return on Heroes' Day! New expansion is here! Brand new weapon and wing skins, wing skills, new guild dungeons and amazing events await you. It's time to challenge yourself to become more powerful,so you can conquer the world!

    1. New Holy, Dark and Raging weapon skins and Frost, Fire, Lightning, Light, Dark wing skins have been added. Become stronger AND look cool at the same time!

    2. The 9 wings all have different skills for different combat situations.

    3. New Guild Dungeon mode allows you to enjoy exploring the new area and earn excellent rewards.

    4. Heroes' Day events come with tons of rewards and rare items!

    5. New quests are available in Mercenary Legends. Join the battle to take Sara the Just home!

    6. Top-up a certain amount during events and the system will give your guild red packets!

    7. During the new expansion celebration period, 5/10 - 5/16 (Game Time), log in daily to collect chests and gifts worth 17000 gems. They contain Demon Befalls Fragments, Angel's Guardian Fragments, Amulets and other rare items.

    8. Between 18:00 - 21:00 on 5/9 to 5/13, be blessed and get Star soul Essence, Gems and Orange XP Quest Scrolls!

  • New Expansion "Wings of Holy Light" is coming!Jan 17, 2017

    "Wings of Holy Light", the first Clash for Dawn patch of 2017, is finally here! The Wings signify the identity and strength, and different wing combinations grant dazzling appearances as well as attribute bonuses that make you unstoppable!

    "Angel Wings" and "Demon Wings" will be the first to arrive at Midgard. It is up to you to choose between accepting the Blessing of Angels or the Power of Demons. The appearance will surely attract attention from other players, but the strength these wings provide will really stand out in battle and help you in a variety of situations.】

    Go get your Wings and become a Guild Hero, Faction Champion and King of Arena!

    New Feature: Wings

    Unlocks at: Level 61

    Creating Wings:

    Upon reaching Level 61, players can collect Wing Fragments to create the corresponding Wings. When an item grants a pair of existing Wings, the new pair will be converted into fragments, which can be used to evolve your existing wings.

    Activating Wings:

    Upon obtaining a new pair of Wings, players can choose to activate them to gain the bonus attributes. Wings can also be deactivated.

    Evolve Wings:

    Wings can be evolved through fragments to increase their attributes.


    Tap preview to see Wings that you already own. The looks are permanent.

    Awakening Wings:

    Wings can be awakened with Starsouls, which drop from Guard Ines and Guard Ines Store. There are 10 ranks to awakening, and each rank requires 10 stars to reach the next rank. Tap the stars to view current attributes.

    Merging Wings:

    Two different 5-Star Wings can be merged with 5000 Gems or Merging Stones (drops from Demon Raid bosses) to create a new pair of 6-Star wings with a new name and look.

    Switching Wings:

    Wings with 6 Stars or above can be switched with gems to change attributes.

  • Christmas Party Limited Quantity CostumesDec 21, 2016

    1. Login Rewards:

    【Event Period】2016-12-21 00:00:01 to 2016-12-30 23:59:59

    During Event period, claim a Login Pack every day for free. On days 2,4,6,8 and 10 you can get the rare "Hammer of Arlando" to be able to open Holy Eggs right away.

    2. Fairytale Journey:

    【Event Period】2016-12-21 00:00:01 to 2016-12-30 23:59:59

    Available to players level 30 or above. Tour Luxis City to get XP, Coin and Golden Apples. Limited to one completion per player per day.

    3.Defeat the Frost Dragon:

    【Event Period】2016-12-21 00:00:01 to 2016-12-30 23:59:59

    Available to players level 50 or above. Clear the Frost Dragon Dungeon to get XP, Coins and Golden Apples. Limited to one completion per player per day.

    4.Gift Rush...

    【Event Period】

    18:00 to 19:00 on 12/21, 12/22 and 12/23;

    11:00-12:00, 18:00-19:00 and 20:00-21:00 on 12/24, 12/25 and 12/26

    【Event Information】

    -Gifts will drop from the top of the screen when the Event starts. Tap the gifts for a chance to win rewards.

    -Invite friends to cheer for you for a higher chance to win.

    -Cheer for your friends to get extra Rush chances.

    -Tap the Santa during Event Period to talk to him. Some say he'll give you a surprise give if you talk to him 1000 times.

    5.Christmas Eggs...

    【Event Period】2016-12-21 00:00:01 to 2016-12-30 23:59:59

    -During Event Period, players can use Hammer of Luck to open Lucky Eggs and use Hammer of Arlando to break open Holy Eggs.

    -Every 3 and 8 hours, a free chance is available to open "Lucky Egg" and "Holy Egg" respectively.

    -Lucky Eggs have a chance to contain Lvl.4 Skill Stones, Purple XP Quest Scroll, Mercenaries and other rewards.

    -Holy Eggs have a chance to contain Purple Quality Dragon Fragment, Lvl.70 Magic Scroll Fragment, Mercenary and other great rewards.

    6.Golden Apple Packs...

    Because the Golden Apple Trees have been damaged by Stygia, the apples are scattered all over Midgard. Collect the Golden Apples to get rewards! More apples, more rewards!

    【Golden Apple Contest】

    Contest Period: 2016-12-21 00:00:01 to 2016-12-30 23:59:59

    Reward Period:2016-12-31 00:00:05 to 2017-01-04 23:59:59

    【Golden Apple Ranking Reward】

    -Players will be ranked by the number of Golden Apple collected.

    -Players with the same amount of apples will be ranked by completion time.

    -Only the Top 50players will be displayed, and receive corresponding rewards during reward period.

    Rewards include Lvl.80 Golden Legguard Scroll Fragment, Lvl.70 Golden Magic Scroll Fragment, Lvl.5 Skill Stone, Enhancing Scroll, Lvl.70 Golden Fragment, Field Stone and other rare rewards.

    -Golden Apples can be obtained from daily Holiday Events, Eggs, Open PVP and Demon Raid.

    【Exclusive Sweet Christmas Costume】

    Only available for a limited time!

    -The 1st place on Golden Apple Leaderboard gets the extremely rare Sweet Christmas (365 Days) Costume, Ambers, EX Draconic Rune Chest, Intermediate Dust of Magic.

    -The 2nd place gets Sweet Christmas (7 Days) Costume, Ambers, EX Draconic Rune Chest, Intermediate Dust of Magic.

    -The 3rd place gets Sweet Christmas (7 Days) Costume, Ambers, EX Draconic Rune Chest, Intermediate Dust of Magic.

  • NEW Expansion: King of World TournamentNov 23, 2016

    The Global Arena stage has been unlocked for all the Chosen Ones. It will be the best stage for you to demonstrate your prowess. To better combat the darkness, warriors must improve themselves by battling against one another. It is a fair fight, and warriors will be able to bring their dragons to defeat their opponents with new ultimate dragon skills. Fight for glory and become the king of arena!

    【Patch Content】

    1.Global Ranking Tournament lets you compete across servers to become the global PVP king.

    2. Added new Ultimate Dragon Skills for you to decimate your enemies!

    3. New Level 90 Boss and new rewards in Demon Raid.

    4. Added PVP mini maps to aid you in PVP fights.

    5. Added Simplified Chinese support.

  • New Expansion: The Eastward CrusadeAug 18, 2016

    The power of darkness is still simmering. The Infilegion is making a comeback, avoiding the heavily guarded Luxis City and its surrounding nations and heading straight East. The Chosen Ones are not far away, and in times of danger, will do all they can to help the brave warriors of the East to fight the darkness and to redeem the light. This is an expedition of goodwill and redemption, a war which must be won.

    All new expansion The Eastward Crusade brings with it new exciting story lines, quests and comes with an increase in maximum level, cool new equipment, dungeons and skills!! Join us to explore new content and new game play as we fight to reconquer Dawn.

    Our Facebook page and Forum would be continuously updated with more snippets of the new expansion, unveiling the mysteries of the Eastward Crusade. Plan to release on Aug. 30

  • New Expansion Pack is ComingJun 28, 2016

    Clash for Dawn BIG EXPANSION pack comes with brand new action packed dungeon: 24 Illusionary Palaces

    Battle through 24 Palaces in the new dungeon and fight against EPIC new bosses and monsters. Chosen Ones who can make it through the dungeon will get the exclusive rewards!

    24 Illusionary Palaces come with new visual effects that will take your Clash for Dawn experience to the next level!

    Clash for Dawn BIG EXPANSION pack comes with brand new achievement: Collection Gallery 

    The new gallery system is great for collectors! Get all the mercenaries, faction titles and over 100 other objectives in future updates, and become a unique player among the Chosen Ones! In addition to all the attention, you will also get rich rewards for the corresponding achievements.

    Clash for Dawn BIG EXPANSION pack comes with brand new welfare: Guild Gift Pack 

    Every time a guild member's gem purchases reach a certain target, each guild 

    member is rewarded with FREE GEMS. Purchase more, share more and earn more! 

    Strengthen your guild and increase your score together.

    Clash for Dawn BIG EXPANSION pack comes with brand new ACE Mercenaries

    8 brand new ace mercenaries that are stronger, more stylish and just better in every way than all the existing ones! Every mercenary has his or her own unique talents, skills and special effects. Chosen Ones who can obtain their help will become the Lord and lead Luxis City into a new era! We bet you can't wait to recruit them!

    Clash for Dawn BIG EXPANSION pack comes with brand new Character’s Costume System

    The brand-new costume system will become available with the new expansion! Costumes will change the look of your character, down to your weapons. Costume sets will be continuously updated in Clash for Dawn so you can choose from many styles and series to show off your very own look. There will also be time-limited holiday costumes, so you're bound to find one that you like! 

  • DRAGON SYSTEM is coming!Jan 18, 2016

    DRAGON SYSTEM is coming!

    One of the BIGGEST Clash for Dawn Updates – Ever!

    What's new?

    1.HUGE UPDATE: DRAGON SYSTEM - Now you can choose dragons as your pets and get new abilities.

    2.Team Dungeons will no longer be a blocker! If you can't find anyone to join your team, system will assign random AI controlled warriors automatically after some waiting.

    3.Optimized Chat System: Optimized guild channel and unread message notification

    4.Server Maintenance Preview: Now players will be able to see the content of server maintenance updates while the game is under maintenance.

    5.Optimized Joystick performance in battles.

    6.Added the function which players can preview all of their characters in all servers on the Character Select screen.

    7.Optimized guild leader recruitment function.

    8.New Facebook and Messenger invitation function for Android users

    9.Various display and graphics enhancements.

    10.Display enhancements for BOSS HP bar.

    11.Various bugs fixed.

    12.Fixed the bug where Chinese language is shown incorrect.

  • Clash for Dawn iOS and Android version are now liveOct 22, 2015

    Great News! Clash for Dawn iOS and Android version are now live worldwide! You may download this game on Google paly to get fantastic and plentiful game experience in CFD world. What's more, Halloween event is coming soon, answer the call with your friends, and reclaim dawn together! Click here (Download) to start the battle!

  • Canada and Singapore join the clash for dawnAug 20, 2015

    Welcome Canada and Singapore! We’re excited to have you join the battle to bring light back to the realm. Clash for Dawn is the best multiplayer action RPG you’ll find on mobile. It’s super easy to join the battle, but the battle itself you’ll find that a little more challenging.

    Have fun out there, and let us know if you have any feedback!

  • Clash for Dawn, you have been chosen! Jul 17, 2015

    The best multiplayer action RPG on mobile is almost here. Clash for Dawn is the massively competitive and deeply collaborative dungeon crawler built specifically for playing on the go. The rich multiplayer experience is paired with months of story that is updated often so you will never run out of content. The built-for-mobile engine and intuitive controls make it easy for anybody to play from anywhere. Choose your side, The Brotherhood or The Order, to fight back the darkness that's taken over your world. Set out on your own or join a guild and participate in tournaments, group raids, PvP, hourly events, and more.

    Dungeon crawling built specifically for mobile

    Hack and Slash your way through thousands of demons
    Quest through Midgard with story driven gameplay
    Defeat giant bosses in the most epic dungeons
    Complex ARPG experience with proven, intuitive controls
    Content added weekly for nearly endless gameplay

    Massively competitive

    Choose your faction, The Brotherhood or The Order
    Participate in game-wide tournaments
    Compete in hourly events
    Crush your foes in epic PvP arenas

    Deep collaboration

    Vow your allegiance to your favorite guild
    Join in the mayhem of group raids
    Team up in multiplayer dungeon quests
    Defend together in Protect the Goddess mode

    Coming soon

    Voice chat
    Guild vs Guild Tournaments
    Dragon Pets
    The Raid Tower