• New Expansion Mount Awakening May 11, 2017

    Celebrate our 2-year anniversary with a new expansion pack! Mount Awakening is now available! What you can expect: a brand-new Beast system, exciting world boss, anniversary celebration, costume free try-ons, new costumes, and more! You'll be experiencing a different Midgard!

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CD Key :
Official Page Gift Pack

Coin x 60000 | Enhancing Scroll x 20 | Energy Essence x 2 | Lvl.2 Bloodstone x 1


1 May 2016 - 31 Aug 2016

Tips: How to get the Gift

1. Login the game, click on the [Hub] button in the main screen
2. Click [System] icon in the right corner, then enter the exchange code and click [Ok]
3. The pack will be deliveried to your inventory after you exchanged successfully