Sep 18, 2015Guide: Skill Stones

Skill Stones are items that can be added to your character to provide gameplay enhancements like increased health, damage, or armor.

When you embed all available slots with Skill Stones of the same level it is considered a set. The higher a player's level, the more available slots they will have. When you possess a set of similarly leveled Skill Stones (level 3 or higher), your character will gain bonus health, damage, and armor from Skill Stones set.

Types of Skill Stones

Skill Stones Function Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Ruby Increased Physical Damage +55 +85 +130
Cryolite Increased Magical Damage +55 +85 +130
Healthstone Increased Healing Effect +55 +85 +130
Bloodstone Increased maximum HP +450 +700 +1100
Emerald Increased Physical Defense +35 +55 +90
Sapphire Increased Magical Defense +35 +55 +90
Aquamarine Increased Physical Dodge +20 +80 +120
Tigerseye Increased Magical Dodge +20 +80 +120
Moonstone Increased Critical Hit Damage +70 +300 +400

Where can I obtain Skill Stones?

a.Clear the Evil Dragon Dungeons - Fugitive Forest, and Fiery Cells.

b.Shopping from Store or VIP Store

Craft & Exchange Skill Stones

1) Craft: Combine up to 4 lower-level Skill Stones into a Skill Stone that is 1 level higher (e.g. combine 4 Lvl. 1 Ruby into 1 Lvl. 2 Ruby).

2) Exchange: Exchange 1 Lvl. 4 Skill Stone of any type for 64 Magic Stone Pieces from the Skill Stone Merchant, Pera. Also you can fuse your skill stone into Magic Stone Pieces with the same rate.

Skill Stone set bonuses

To get a Skill Stone bonus, fill all open slots with the same level skill stone (starting from level 3).

To check the mystical properties of your Skill Stone, open your bag and tap on the stone on top of your character. Here you will see the properties of your skill stone.

Embed all slots with level 3 Skill Stones:
+Max HP: 5000
+Physical Damage: 100
+Physical Armor: 100
+Magical Armor: 100

Embed all slots with level 4 Skill Stones:
+Max HP: 10000
+Physical Damage: 500
+Physical Armor: 300
+Magical Armor: 300

Take a sneak peek at what you'll get when you embed all slots with level 5 Skill Stone
+Max HP: 20000
+Physical Damage: 1500
+Physical Armor: 500
+Magical Armor: 500

Skill Stone Sets are increasingly difficult to unlock, but explore more in the Clash for Dawn world to try and unlock them all!